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JN Employment Services

JN Employment Services is one of the top land based recruitment agency in Hong Kong since 1990. JNES is managed by members of the family who are matured, motivated, professional, competent and with extensive experiences in recruitment and development of manpower attributes of which are essential in developing a good business relationship with their principals in various Asian countries.

Our company, JN EMPLOYMENT SERVICES, duly registered under Business Registration Certificate No. 16672407-001-01-02- 7 issued by the Business registration Regulations Office of Hong Kong, S.A.R and duly accredited with the Hong Kong Labour Department and the Philippine Consulate General to provide services to the Hong Kong Chinese community as a recruitment company committed in deploying manpower (skilled to non-skilled workers, generally Domestic Helpers) from the Philippines to Hong Kong for 25 years now since we have started in year 1990.

Our mission is to commit ourselves to pursue Global competence and values to provide our clients the best level of our service. And to help both applicants and employers find each other at he right time and uphold the highest tradition of total recruitment in the services and interest of all our clients.

We pride ourselves and our success for being a company that employees, clients and affiliates are proud to be a part of, we build and maintain a productive work environment guided by the principles of truth and professional integrity, we deliver quality manpower services and we shall ensure the relevance of our services the changing needs and requirements of the international manpower market.